Keratin Hair Botox repair Mask 250 ml

Keratin Hair Botox repair Mask 250 ml

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Professional Keratin Hair Botox



Hair botox provides the keratin, protein and amino acids needed by the hair strands to be loaded onto the hair and hair
strands. By caring for your hair, you restore these proteins and amino acids to your hair, hair botox is not a chemical process, it performs this loading naturally with care.


Hair botox should be applied to rejuvenate your hair and make it look healthier. Just like the botox you apply to your skin, hair botox provides a beautiful appearance in your hair.


Professional Keratin Hair Botox repairs and reconstructs your damaged, damaged hair. Thus, you get lively and healthy hair strands!


  • It repairs your processed hair, which is worn
    out by external factors.
  • Provides moist and smooth hair.
  • It removes the damage caused by excessive colouring and bleaching of your hair.
  • It gives your hair softness and shine.


The product does not contain formaldehyde and harmful chemicals.


How is Hair Botox Applied?


Apply to dehumidified hair lengths and ends with a towel. Comb the product to distribute it. Wait for an average of 15 minutes. Then rinse your hair and blow dry. Separate your hair into tufts and straighten it with a hair straightener. You can wash your hair whenever you want.